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Will there be Female SEALs Soon?

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that the Navy is poised to let women become members of the elite SEAL teams if they meet the same non-gender-specific established training and entry standards, according to a news report.

Greenert added that the special warfare community conducted a rigorous objective analysis of the training and entry standards for the SEALs, finding that the standards were good. This then raises the question as to whether both men and women should be allowed to meet them, he added.

So the precedent has already been set with the graduation of two women from the Army Ranger School and the Navy has just opened the door. Now is just a matter of time. I am sure that there are some women out there who are anxious to prove themselves in combat and this will be the perfect opportunity for a woman or some women to prove their mettle.

The school is physically challenging but the true test of admission to any commando unit is mental toughness. The training is so tough that it does not matter what your physical condition is, you will be pushed past the point of failure. After you get there the only thing that will keep you going is force of will.

When training gets to that point every person has been placed on equal footing because mind power Is the only thing that counts.

SEALs like Rangers are trained to never quit in the face of adversity. this is instilled in them by the sheer toughness of their training. They must be tenacious, which means they must have the willpower to remain in the fight no matter what trouble comes their way.

– See more at: http://web.archive.org/web/20160229175042/http://militaryringinfo.com/#sthash.0tZXlGqE.dpuf

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