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What does the Term Private News Network Mean?

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to a campaign theater they will often find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands after they have performed their daily duties.

Remember that they do not want to be in the situation in the first place and troops with a lot of free time on their hands will often have the strangest of conversations. Sometimes truth will take the backdoor to wishful thinking and all types of rumors will start.

I suspect that many times these rumors are started purposely just by someone who doesn’t have anything better to do. Even though there have been many rumors that I did not really believe when I served in the Army I always wanted to hang on to them in the back of my mind, especially if they sounded like good news.

I have been in the military and have served overseas for long periods of time and I know personally that rumors will run rampant. The thing that makes them so rampant is that soldiers want to believe something that’s going to get them out of the present situation. So we would hang on to any rumor that was spoken hoping that there would be some truth in it especially if it were a room with favorable news about going home soon.

Unfortunately out of all of the years that I have been in the military I have never ever seen one of these rumors come true. Every single one was a farce.

The rumor mill is also known as the private News Network and it always begins with one person telling another that they heard something from a friend who knew a friend in higher headquarters about some future event that would happen to the unit. Normally the news is that the unit will be leaving for back home at a certain time.

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