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Thousands show Support for a Veteran with no Family

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existence. If you have never been deployed on an extended training exercise and stood guard duty late at night, or been broken down in the middle of the desert waiting for support you will never understand. Every day away from friends, family, and the environment which you have come to know and love can be extreme torture.

This post is a tribute to the citizens who took the time and trouble to properly memorialize Marine Corporal Billy Aldridge. Cpl Aldridge was a veteran who enlisted in the Marine corps in 1956 and served for four years. It’s too bad he wasn’t able to witness his own send off.  Legacy Cremation and Funeral Service decided that they would give him a proper send off after he passed away recently. The original plan was to just cremate and bury his body.

His home going was a standing room only service the Lawrence United Methodist Church in Lawrence, Ind. Hundreds lined the walls of the facility and its vestibule after all the seats were filled.

Even though the staff and the Veterans Honor Guard did not personally know this man, his funeral was an emotional event. I am thankful for the service bestowed upon this veteran. Troops who have to go to war for their country are really appreciative of a population who are ready and willing to demonstrate their support.

Remember the situation of the veteran who is killed in combat. Imagine the sights, sounds, and terror of the horrible time. Imagine being grievously wounded on a battlefield halfway around the world, and the loneliness of knowing that you will die thousands of miles away from home.

If I could speak for Corporal Aldridge I am sure that he would say, thank you.

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