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The US will Increase its use of Drones

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drone flights will be increased by 50 percent in the years to come but I personally believe that they are downplaying the number.

Drones have been found to be beneficial for many different uses. They are good for military applications, law enforcement, and other civilian uses. I believe that they are playing a major role in drug interdiction and border patrol.

They are also used for information-gathering as well as for lethal airstrikes. Strikes by the unmanned aircraft have killed at least 3,000 people, non-governmental organizations have estimated.

Drones were the biggest problem for terrorists operating in remote desert areas, and had al Qaeda so terrified that their leaders were afraid to travel anywhere day or night.

The new use plan will expand drone use in locations including Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, North Africa and the South China Sea. These are all areas where extra intelligence gathering is needed and drones will enable government officials to remain on top of the tactical situation there without having to invest much in the area of actual troops or massive amounts of military equipment.

These areas all have several things in common. The first is that they are rather expansive areas and extremely difficult to monitor. They are also areas which are potential hot spots where tragedy will prevail if a situation were to happen and we as a nation responded too slowly.

The Pentagon plan envisions flights, which it calls combat air patrols, to expand from 61 per day to as many as 90 per day by 2019, largely for additional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

“Earlier indications and warning and the ability to better understand Moscow’s thinking and intent are absolutely critical for avoiding future surprise and miscalculation, for deterring effectively and for preparing to respond if required,” he said.

We came to realize the value of the increased use of unmanned aircraft during the hottest phase of the war on terror and I for one believe that the drone was the reason that we were able to come out of the war as well as we did. Remember that the Taliban was the same group of poorly equipped and armed fighters called the Mujahedeen who expelled the massive Soviet Army from Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

– See more at: http://web.archive.org/web/20160229175042/http://militaryringinfo.com/#sthash.SPVR9JM1.dpuf

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