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Should South Korea become more Aggressive?

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control when it comes to North Korea but it may be time that they changed their image. They normally understand that the north is full of hot air and rhetoric but yet and still the time sometimes comes when force has to be met with force.

One thing about nations like North Korea is that you may only be able to deal with them in the way that they understand. If you allow them to get away with a slap to the face they will try to kick you in the groin next time. The effect of this badgering is to make the recipient look like a chump in the face of the world.

South Korean military leaders instructed their troops recently to retaliate and one general has said they should “boldly pull the trigger” if the North incites a provocation.

The remarks from South Korean commanders inspecting different front lines follow weeks of tensions between Seoul and Pyongyang that have escalated after exploding land mines inside the area injured two South Korean soldiers. North Korea has denied any involvement.

Pyongyang is the biggest hotspot because it is the one place where troops from the two countries actually come close enough to each other to have physical contact. North Korean troops along the border will spit on the Americans and South Koreans if they can get close enough or do small things like grab the headgear and keep it.

Lt. Gen. Lee Sang-hoon of South Korea’s Marine Corps said any provocation from the North should be met with an immediate response with a pull of the trigger, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported.

“If the North provokes, put all the grievances about the Cheonan ship torpedoing, the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island and the latest DMZ wooden-box mine explosion under the name of the Marine Corps and retaliate,” Lee said.

Another South Korean military commander said North Korea is fearful of Seoul’s renewed propaganda campaigns. Pyongyang recently said it has begun broadcasting anti-Seoul messages across the DMZ but the move is believed to be a measure against Seoul’s broadcasts from reaching ordinary North Koreans.

“The reason why North Korea is reacting sensitively to psychological warfare is our psychological operations pose fears bigger than those posed by any other high-tech weapons,” said Choi Yoon-hee, the chairman of South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

– See more at: http://web.archive.org/web/20160229175042/http://militaryringinfo.com/#sthash.SPVR9JM1.dpuf

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