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Should National Guard Troops be used to Secure our Borders?

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Guard, and even active duty troops as border patrol agents. I believe that the military basic and advanced training that these troops have undergone makes them suitable for supplemental training as border patrol agent assistants.

Military combat troops have been trained to watch, guard, and observe areas for signs of movement and other activity. They know the intricacies of cover and concealment, and should they encounter hostile persons they are trained in both offensive and defensive combat techniques.

I sincerely believe that troops should be used to augment those agents already assigned to protect our southern border. The biggest problem of securing our southern border is that there are vast stretches on land which is not adequately surveiled. US troops would definitely be an asset to assist in watching these areas. They have been trained to remain alert, use communications equipment and, make  the proper reports using correct reporting procedure.

This would save US taxpayers and fill the existing shortage of agents at the same time. Troops should be integrated into existing procedures including the use of drones, and remote sensors.

Drugs will remain a problem as long as Americans maintain their appetite for them and smugglers will always find a way to sneak them through, but the use of troops will certainly help in alleviating the problem by making it more difficult for smugglers.

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