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Russia Agrees to assist France against ISIS

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like they would rather be sucking on a smelly sweat sock than shaking each others hand. The question here is not who’s BS’ing who, but rather who is the biggest BS’er. I don’t know these guys but I do know that Putin is probably in the top two or three in the world. The French President may have him beat because the weaker nation has to be more tricky. The weak one can’t slug it out with the big guy, he has to do something dirty like kick him in the balls.

They have made some sort of intelligence sharing agreement which we know has to be a lie on both sides. The good thing is that they are going to put their heads together in cooperation on fighting the war with ISIS so they will cooperate to a certain degree, but I am willing to bet good old US currency that if ISIS promised not to attack one of them he would sell the other one out without much thought.

Putin has conducted military action in Syria under the guise of helping them against ISIS but I just don’t trust his butt for some reason. I have a fairly good BS detector and its beeping incredibly loud right now.

One thing that I do know about the French is that they have a reputation of being really slow to join in a fight unless there is an immediate and direct benefit to them. They have turned their backs many times when we needed them and had no remorse about doing so. If I were president of the US I would wish him well and lose his phone number. I’m just sayin.’ Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not because our world relations would be totally jacked up.

Putin also managed to make some harsh criticisms about the US when they signed the treaty so I sense an ulterior motive. If he wants France to be his allies against the US he can have them because they don’t believe in helping.

Putin made may other statements also but I won’t go into any of it because it was such obvious BS. Nevertheless, visit our Military Ring website and review our products. Thanks.

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