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How Involved are US Spec Ops against ISIS?

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Spec Ops involvement in different locations worldwide but you can be assured that they are currently conducting multiple operations in a plethora of locations. We will never know everything that they have done on behalf of you and I and the rest of the people of this country. I am personally convinced that the primary reason we have not had any serious terror attacks on American soil is because these troops have been diligently working behind the scenes to keep us safe.

Army Special Forces would be the most likely Special Operation Troops to be used in situations where the indigenous people of a country are being oppressed by another military force, whether it is an outside force or a faction inside that country. Special Forces will train the native citizens of that country to fight back, so to speak, and they are extremely effective at doing so.

There is no doubt in my mind that they have accompanied native fighting units into battle because in order to better train them they have to direct their actions until they become proficient. This will require accompaniment. Our Special Forces will fight if they have to but their job is to direct the actions of the native force. It is just about impossible to do both. Special Forces Troops are exposed to the dangers of front line fighting and sometimes they will be killed in action, but more often than not they are not killed in direct action.

These troops know that they are expendable and when they are deployed on most other missions they expect to take casualties.

The question in the title of the article is How involved are our Spec Ops Troops against ISIS? I really don’t know but my highly sophisticated guess would be that they are very seriously and intimately involved. Have you noticed that ISIS made very good initial progress in their onslaught but it seems to have slowed significantly, and now they are losing ground. I would be willing to bet all that I own that the reason is the involvement of US Special Forces Troops.

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