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How Good is the Navy’s new Submarine Hunter?

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poseidon-flares-600x400service because of the nature of the job. It requires secrecy because stealth is the biggest asset that a submarine possesses. They are difficult to locate because they remain hidden most of the time beneath the depths of the ocean. The ocean is so vast that even if they were not stealthy at all locating them would remain a problem.

The Navy has used ships to help locate enemy subs but they have discovered that aircraft are a better resource for this task since they are capable of covering a tremendous area. The aircraft want to be stealthy also because if the submarine commander knows they are looking he will utilize every available tactic at his command in order to remain hidden.

These aircraft are used for many other missions because of their stealth capabilities, so we don’t really know their overall capabilities. The Navy must be pleased with their performance because it is constructing many more of them for future service.

Each jet carries 129 devices called sonobuoys. these devices are dropped from the plane where they float and monitor sounds in the ocean to detect submarines which may be hiding in deep water or passing through the area. The planes may also be used to drop depth charges, torpedoes, and fire harpoon missiles at ships.

sailors who serve as crewmen on these aircraft are extremely confident in the ability of the Poseidon to do it’s job. The Poseidon typically has a crew consisting of nine sailors, three pilots, two flight officers and four technicians who track radars, acoustic devices, cameras and electronic communications signals.

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