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How Good is the Navies New Destroyer?

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When you look at the ship in the photograph here it probably makes you wonder about just what is the Navy doing with their ships right now. Newer ships look absolutely harmless, and just about nothing like the older ships of WWII but they are infinitely more deadly. This thing looks more like a floating wedge as far as I am concerned. The weaponry on modern warships is hidden from sight so if you are not familiar with their construction details you will not realize how they are designed to take care of business.

The Zumwalt is the largest destroyer which the Navy has. all of the weapons and antennas are hidden from view. The hull is shaped to deflect radar transmissions which makes it a super stealthy vessel. It can slip in on you and kill you before you have a clue as to whats happening.

The shape of the hull presents a question mark for the Navy because it can potentially be unstable in rough seas. The upside about it’s design is that it is very stealthy which is a definite plus in modern warfare.

This ship is quite a bit larger than all other warships of it’s kind yet has a much smaller crew because of it’s automation. Computer technology was utilized in designing the hull in order to address the area of potential instability. Navy experts are assured that this ship will perform well in rough seas because of this.

All of it’s technology is the latest and best to include radar, sonar, and rocket assisted projectiles. It is also powered by a quiet, efficient, reliable electric engine.

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