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Has Technology Outrun our Navy Troops?

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x47b-truman-600x400outrun our troops in every branch of the armed services. There are so many ideas that never get to the field because they are not beneficial to more troops at a time. I have also seen many good ideas left off for funding because of the expense which would be incurred by fielding them.

I personally believe that when it comes to giving our combat troops an advantage on the battle field that we should use any and every possible means to do so. It has become evident to the Navy’s top officer that a disparity is appearing between what is available to troops and the potential of its forces.

I believe that the individual troop is not necessarily the problem causing the disparity, but rather the problem is in modernizing the delivery systems. One example of this exists with the development of the rail gun. The rail gun is a very powerful weapon which would dramatically increase the lethality of any ship or platform where it is used, but there has to be a major change of the delivery systems of any ship on which it is ti be used. This makes the price of using it absolutely astronomical.

That gap is just now beginning to widen because of technological advances and will continue to do so. One good thing is that the good fixes which can’t be applied because of cost will always be there if we ever have to go to war again. I believe that we should continue to develop our technology regardless because I can foresee the day when our Navy will need all of the help possible.

The chinese Navy has began to militarize and would be very difficult to defeat in any conflict simply because of size.

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