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Electricity will be used to cause RAP Rounds to Fly Farther

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round has been in use for quite a while. This is a projectile or howitzer shell which has a small rocket motor in it’s base which engages during its flight and extends the distance that it travels. This is advantageous because it increases the distance at which our artillery can engage enemy forces.

Artillery units have to be extremely mobile on the battlefield in order to keep retreating enemy units and advancing friendly units in range. The RAP round cuts the required movement tremendously. In defensive operations the ideal battle plan is to be able to see and range advancing units with artillery as far away as possible so that maximum damage can be inflicted on them before they get to the front lines. artillery units are usually placed forward of front line defenses, or right next to them to do this, which requires them to have to move back as the enemy advances.

The extended distance that the RAP round gives means that artillery units can spend more time supporting the mission with fire rather than being out of action as they move.

The unclassified range of the most effective RAP round is 40 kilometers. The military is experimenting with using electric current to help control the propellant burn. The propellant is the fuel which burns and pushes the round through space. Regulated electric current can be applied at the right time and the amount of current provided can be either increased or decreased during flight to enhance distance.

The round remains in the developmental stage of operation so we are not sure of what the finished product will be like.

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