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China continues their Aggression in the South China Sea

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stir up trouble” in the disputed South China Sea, while they have been aggressively pursuing the additional resources available in that region. We have talked about their latest campaign of building islands in the middle of the sea in order to claim them as their sovereign territory.

China’s has maintained the claim that the reason why they have built the islands is to “provide public service” to the region by helping ships and fishermen and disaster relief efforts.

They have been feverishly building the islands by piling sand on top of underwater structure which is close to the ocean’s surface. They then add buildings to these structures and have even added airstrips. I believe that the real purpose of these shenanigans is to build military way stations which can be used to support extended operations.

In the event of an extended war in the region these locations can be used to preposition supplies and weapons so that naval units will be able to sustain continuous operations. They specifically deny that military buildup this is their purpose for establishing these outposts. They have also assured the world that they do not intend to back down from the US or anyone else when it comes to the construction of these outposts.

The US has asked them to halt these operations but it has been to no avail. I think that we will be making a grave judgment error if we overlook these actions, or assume that they are not provocative.

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