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Are there Unique Stresses on Military Children?

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in the extended family also. I believe that the best thing that can happen in the life of a child is to grow up around an extended family and in doing so to experience the love associated with belonging to such a unit.

Military life is hard on the service members. It’s hard on the spouses. And it’s really hard on the kids. As much as we’d like to think that we universally arm our kids with great coping skills, maybe we really don’t. Maybe it’s just not enough for some.

According to a study out of California released recently, military adolescents were more likely than their civilian peers to use drugs, abuse alcohol, carry a gun to school and participate in physical violence.  They were 50 percent more likely to report substance abuse.

I personally believe that the problem arises from not being able to put down any type of roots. Military life is just not meant for the family. It is ideal for the young troop who is full of vinegar and energy but it is not conducive at all to family life.
Troops may have to be deployed away from home for long periods of time and in the spouse is the head of household the situation can be very confusing to the child. Even if the spouse is not the head of the household this is not a good situation for the child.
I have heard stories from men who had to leave home only to find that their own children didn’t know them when they returned. The other spouse is left to take care of everything on his or her own on top of having to cope with the stress of the deployment. There is no way that the children are not affected by this situation.
I believe that the biggest problem may be that the child may not ever have the opportunity to establish roots in any community because they have to move around so much. I believe that there is no substitute for long term childhood friends.
The only real solution to this problem would be to eliminate the moving around required by military life and the deployments, and you and I both know that that will never happen.

– See more at: http://web.archive.org/web/20160229175042/http://militaryringinfo.com/#sthash.0tZXlGqE.dpuf

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